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2015 Holiday Cutoff Dates!

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It's that time of year again and we've been busy making lots and lots of stacking rings for y'all!  Our dainty little charm rings have truly become something Kindling & Co. is known for.  To be honest, they're a little tedious to make, since each design has to be made in triplicate for each ring size (sometimes quadruplicate if we add midi sizes to the mix!), but we've truly come to love the process.

Pictured: 3mm Bubble Rings in Garnet & Emerald


Some of you are totally on the ball this year and have already placed your Christmas orders!  We're packing those up to go out by the end of this week and they will definitely arrive in time.  As for the rest of us, this year's cutoff dates is as follows:


Canada: December 9th

USA: December 2nd

Overseas/International: November 25th


Pictured: 3mm Bubble Rings in Garnet & Emerald, Make A Wish Ring, Tiny Make A Wish Ring


Happy Holidays, happy shopping, happy stacking and a big thank you for supporting small handmade businesses like us!

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