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Blogger Love:
Marianne of The M.A. Times

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Meet Marianne, of The M.A. Times

We absolutely love Marianne's style!  Her soft brunette curls and super cute bangs perfectly match the flirty and modern yet vintage inspired looks that she puts together.  There is so much beautiful outfit inspiration on her blog - you'll find looks that range from chic bohemian to mod retro to flirty Parisian - and it all comes together in a wardrobe to a taste that is uniquely Marianne's.


 The Twist Ring in gold, Skinny Twist in silver
Outfit Details: Marianne is wearing the Vertical Baguette Ring, Tiny Make A Wish Midi Ring, Twist Ring, 3mm Bubble Midi Ring

We got to know a little more about Marianne and her blog:

1. What is the story behind your blog name/what inspired you to start your blog?
The M.A. Times originally started as a way to chronicle all of my cooking, crafting, and fashion adventures. Being an introvert at heart, it was a perfect outlet for me to openly express my creativity. Over the years, I became more drawn to documenting my personal style, and that's how The M.A. Times became what it is today! The name (M.A. standing for Marianne), came from a play on the newspaper "The N.Y Times", since the blog is a daily documentation of my own life.

2. Where do you live and how has this place influenced your personal style?
I was born, raised, and still live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I spent a few years along the coast during college, and I think the combination of classic southern dressing, infused with the boho vibes from the beach, and my admiration of the glamorous city chic style is what has defined my look. My manifesto is that style is about being brave, taking risks, and making fashion choices that are confident, yet playful. A look should be effortlessly polished, with the perfect balance of modern and classic, and be intriguing, yet simple. Style is continuously evolving, but a look should never fail to be bold, ultra-femme, sophisticated and elevated, yet not over-done.

3. What is your favourite thing about sharing your style on social media?
My favorite thing about sharing my style on social media is being part of such an amazing community. Through fashion blogging and social media, I've met some truly inspirational people and brands, and without the encouragement of them and my wonderful followers, this adventure wouldn't be possible!

4. What is the one fashion item you can’t live without?
One fashion item I can't go without is a chic crossbody bag! While I'm not a big tote kind of girl, I definitely need something to keep all of my day to night essentials in. I can't live without somewhere to stash my phone, business cards, a bright lipstick, and accessory change to take me from the work day into night time.

5. What is your favourite Kindling & Co. piece?
My favorite Kindling & Co piece is the Make A Wish midi ring. I'm obsessed with anything gold and dainty, and while I love my plain bands, this little midi ring on my finger is a constant reminder to follow my dreams and shoot for the stars!


Outfit Details: Marianne is wearing the Vertical Baguette Ring, Tiny Make A Wish Midi Ring, Twist Ring, 3mm Bubble Midi Ring


Don't forget to check out Marianne's Instagram @thematimes as well as her blog, The M.A. Times!

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