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Happy National Dog Day!

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Hello Dog Lovers!  Since it's National Dog Day, we figured we'd introduce you to the little ones here at the studio!  Meet Peppies!!!  More accurately, Pepper and Ares - they are Alaskan Klee Kai, a newer breed of "miniature husky" and weigh around 15lbs each, give or take.



Ares is my first dog, and quite the handful, typical Klee Kai temperament.  He has heterochromia, which is a natural condition where he has two different coloured eyes, one blue, one brown.  He can see completely fine from both eyes, the blue one is just a little more sensitive to light.  Ares is our shipping manager and knows exactly when it's time for us to ship our packages, leading (pulling like crazy) our walks to the post office.  He is also our self appointed security guard (being a little rascal and protective over anyone that comes near us).

Pepper was added to the family just this summer - her full name is Pepper Potts.  She is the total opposite of typical Klee Kai and extremely friendly with people.  She loves to eat, but is quite picky with what she chooses to eat.  She also has heterochromia in one eye, where one is fully blue, and the other is 2/3 blue and 1/3 brown.  Pepper is the studio supervisor, keeping a close watch on everything we do here and loves to cuddle.

It was so tough getting these two to sit still and both look at the camera, I thought I'd share a few blooper shots of these two munchkins!


no one is looking...


wow mom, your job is boring. oh look! outside!


at least Pepper's paying attention..


both looking..major stink eye from Pepper


That's all! If you'd like to see what they're up to, they have their own Instagram account! Yes...we're THOSE kinds of owners. Swing by and say hi @peppies_akk!

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