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Tryst Jewellery is now
Kindling & Company!

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Some of you may have noticed that our site and social media names have changed over the summer.  I'll try to make this short and sweet =)

For those who are new, we used to go by the name "Tryst Jewelry". I started out in 2006 on Etsy making repurposed vintage jewelry, to vintage kitsch, to chunky jewelry and minimal jewelry (and what felt like everything under the sun!).  Early this year, I decided to scale down and FOCUS.  Focus on what you and I both loved and keep things simple.  As my designs grew with me as a person - I just didn't feel that the name fit with the designs that I was making anymore (and hated the negative connotation the word has). 

After much thought, I came up with Kindling & Co.  A name that sounded small, nature inspired and modern - reflective of the designs I now make.  I spent most of the summer overhauling the website and updated my packaging and here we are!  My design aesthetics and quality are still the same, just more refined.

What's new?  I've expanded the of collection midi rings and added some custom stamped necklaces (more to come!) and will be uploading some new bracelets (finally!) over this week.  If there's anything that I used to stock that you can't find on the site, you might be able to find them over on Etsy along with other to-be-discontinued designs, one offs or imperfect pieces.

I'd love to for you to check out all the changes and celebrate with me by offering $10 off your entire order!

Just use code 'MAKEOVER10' at checkout.

Let me know what you think of the site and all the new changes - I'd love to hear from you!  The code will expire October 10th, so you'll have a week to decide what you'd like =)

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