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initial stacking rings for singles and for lovers

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Just in time for Valentine's Day: we are so excited to finally launch these initial rings that took us years in the making! We had the concept in mind for so long but didn't have a way to make them into reality until now and we are in LOVE!

There's something about lowercase letters that give a more playful and less formal feel and thats what we went with in making these rings! We decided to go with a classic but modern serif font and loved how they turned out. Choose to wear your very own initial on its own, or paired with one of our stone rings for a little added sparkle.

A stack of these also make the perfect Valentine's Day gift, by wearing them stacked with the initial of the love of your life.  Choose a simple '&' ampserand:

Or choose a more playful stack with one of our little heart rings for a "___" Loves "___" effect!

From top to bottom: 'Love' Ring, 'Hearts' Ring and 'Smitten' Ring

Any way you wear these, there's no doubt these will make the perfect gift for her this year on Valentine's Day.  A dainty little statement on your fingers that is sure to make your girl friends swooning for an initial stack of their very own! #couplegoals for sure.  Available in silver and gold.

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